Bedwetting is a normal thing for every infant; however, it is not only constrained to infants. Studies show that children, adolescents, and even adults suffer through bedwetting issues.
Here is everything to know about bedwetting issues and different ways to deal with them.


Bedwetting till the age of 7 is considered to be normal. This might probably be due to the child still trying to learn bladder control. However, bedwetting after the age of 7 might even be because of reasons that require medical attention, like:

Night Terror: Night Terror is a condition where your child might be filled with panic or could have anxiety attacks during sleep which would result in leakage of urine.

Small Bladder: Some children might not have developed their urinary bladder completely which could cause them to pass urine frequently, sometimes even during sleep.

Urinary Tract Infection: UTI, or in simple words urine infection can be caused due to the presence of some bacteria in the urinary bladder. This can cause the patient to feel a sudden urge to urinate or frequent urination. This also makes controlling urine hard and could cause bedwetting.

Hereditary Problem: Bedwetting runs in the family, so if your parents have had bedwetting problems in past, chances are you could suffer from the same.


Limiting the number of drinks before going to bed and making sure to urinate can help you avoid bedwetting problems. Also, reducing the amount of caffeine in your daily life and avoiding spicy food could help as these foods tend to irritate bladders.

Medical Treatment
If bedwetting is a frequent issue for you then it is advisable to consult medical attention. Visiting a urologist would help you deal with your problems.

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