Are you a working mother?

//Are you a working mother?

Are you a working mother?

working mothers

Are you a Working Mother?
This is very different from Working Women. Make no mistake. Because a working woman faces many additional dilemmas and challenges that she has to deal with when she becomes a mother and (wants to) continue working too.
The dilemmas may be physical, emotional or just fears that:
-Who will take care of the child while she is at work? Will the child get the same care that she would have given?
-Will the caretakers teach the child the values that she wants her child to grow up with?
-Will spending limited time with her child create the emotional bond that a mother must have with her child or not?
-What’s the correct age at which she can leave the child and resume work? Staying away from her child not create the bond she would have?
-How will she manage work, home and spending time with her child in a 24- hour day?

While different people have different experiences based on their specific situation, there are some broad areas you can pay attention to :-
Are you sure you can leave your child and go to work? Make up your mind. No one else can do that for you.
Talk to your spouse- Have a clear and open conversation with your spouse about being a working mother. How does he feel about it? Does he think you can get back to work?
Milestones- You may miss out on your child’s first step or first spoken word. Are you ready?
When to start- If you have a choice about when to resume work, think carefully.
Let your boss know your need for higher life-work balance
Once you are back from the office-prioritize your child.
There are other aspects of this topic we will discuss in more detail in further posts.
Please share your experiences or concerns with us.

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