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Technology Addiction

technology addictionMobiles and social media have taken over our lives. While most parents have experienced technology later in their life, most teenagers have grown up with it. Facebook – the first big social media platform was invented in 2004. So, your kids have NOT known a life with technology and cannot understand why they must use it only sparingly. It’s their way of life. It’s how they communicate, keep in touch, express, and explore everything.

While there is a positive side to technology, all parents experience the erratic sleep patterns it’s unbridled use causes. Add to that constant (over) communication with social media connections and the constant mood swings it causes.

There are some tried and tested methods you can try-
Limit YOUR mobile time. Keep a basket at the entrance to your house and put your phone into that when you enter. While your kids are unlikely to do that, it signals that you are willing to put your online-life away for time with them. If you are lucky, they will follow.
Phone OFF – Keep a time when school-college going children have to turn their phones off. It’s like lights out.

Notifications OFF – Teach them to keep notifications off, to see messages when they WANT to, not as and when someone sends the message. Its personal media and teach them not to be slave to it.

This is not an exhaustive list of dos’ and don’ts, and we will discuss other ideas in subsequent posts.

Please share your experiences about Technology Addiction Child, things that have worked and those that haven’t worked with us so we are all richer by the experience.

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