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Child Adoption

Thinking about child adoption?

For any of you who have adopted kids or are considering adoption – We understand that this is a very tricky and very sensitive area and must be dealt with caution.

There are many questions surrounding adoption and adopted children. For instance:
Will I feel the same love as I would for my biological child?
What if I get pregnant later and have a child? Will it create conflict in my mind about my two children?
What is the right age at which I should tell my child that she is adopted?
Should I tell my child who her biological parents are? Should I allow a meeting between them if my child wants it?
If my child wants to go back and live with the biological parents, what should I do?
My adopted child feels that I love her lesser than my biological child.
My adopted child feels that there is something wrong with her, and that’s the reason for her biological parents to have given her away for adoption.

While we will attempt to answer these questions, the one thing we will ask you.
To do is to DROP THE FEAR.

The fear of your adopted child finding out that he/she is adopted before you tell them/from someone else other than you.

The earlier that you tell your child, the better it will be. In fact, it is good to start telling them that they are adopted even before they understand what it means. That way, by the time they grow up and understand the meaning of the word, it will be “old news”. While you tell them, be sure to reinforce how badly you want to have them and how lucky you felt having adopted them.

We want to hear your questions /concerns so that we can give you our views and learn from the collective wisdom of our members.

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