Is my child being bullied?

//Is my child being bullied?

Is my child being bullied?

child being bullied

If your child behaves differently (than how she normally does) you need to watch out.
It could mean that the child is going through some experiences or feelings that are pulling her down emotionally. One such scenario could be child Bullying.

According to a survey in 2017 by SEEDS ( Socio Economic and Educational Development Society) 19% of parents fear bullying to be the greatest emotional risk for their school-going children.
Children are very straightforward in what they say. To an adult who is conditioned by the norms of society, about what to say or what not to say, it seems rude. For instance, children will call each other name like “Fatso, Poor, Idiotic etc.” They are even known to say things about the family. They don’t want to allow weak players to play with them. Such behavior can be termed as child Bullying.

So, what do you do?
First, we cannot emphasize this enough-make sure your channels of communication are open with your child or you will not be able to know your child is being bullied.

Counsel your child that they don’t become what someone else says. If someone calls them stupid, that doesn’t mean they are.
Body Confidence-Growing children need to feel confident about their bodies. Someone calling them fat shouldn’t bother them. Give them that confidence.

All children may not be as good at everything. If your child is not being accepted in the neighborhood football team because he is a week player, either divert him to something he is good at to give him confidence or coach him to become better at football so he is welcomed.

Bullies don’t like it when they are unable to bully the weaker child. You may boost your child’s confidence and ability, and the bully may not like that and may try to hurt your child emotionally or physically in another manner-watch out for that.

Reach out to the school or parent of the bully so they know what’s going on and can help you resolve the problem.
Let’s discuss! Please share your ideas or views in the comment section below.

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