Homework! Need we say more?

//Homework! Need we say more?

Homework! Need we say more?

homework tips for middle school students

Surveys show that homework is the single greatest source of friction between parents and children. Surprised?

While we will not dwell on whether or not schools should give homework. Or should any homework be actually looked at as practice work and be completed in the school itself.

We won’t discuss this because we are not here to dwell on whether or not there should be homework. But on how to make life easier for both parents and children who need to finish homework.

Tough Love and Discipline- These are two things that will actually make life much easier. Make sure you set a time for you kid to finish homework every day at a fixed time – and that includes weekends. Generally, you will find that doing this before spending leisure time is best- even on weekends.

First Work Then Play- Explaining to them that arguments and tantrums over homework (that needs to be done anyway) just wastes time that could be spent in leisure, with friends or family. Tell them that they should do the things they HAVE to do first so they can enjoy doing things that WANT to do. We don’t want to sound authoritarian, but the simple logic behind this is that children tire themselves out with play time and can’t get through their studies once they are tired.

Environment-Create an environment where school /college going children can study undistracted at home.

Praise- And never forget to praise you child’s efforts- however small. That praise goes a long way.

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