Why does your child seek your attention?

//Why does your child seek your attention?

Why does your child seek your attention?

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It can be both annoying and embarrassing if your child suddenly misbehaves in a public place like a supermarket or a public park or a mall.

Kids seem to have an amazing ability to find the most public of places to act difficult. Mostly this is attention-seeking behavior aimed at getting you to listen to what they want. Some parents may deal with this in a calm manner, but most of the time children drive parents to a point where they have to be harsh, to scold them, and sometimes even physically pull them away from the situation.

If you relate to this situation, you’re not alone.

According to a survey, one of the main reasons children exhibit attention-seeking behaviors is that some children get as little as 7 minutes a day of one-on-one time with their parents. So, they try to make the most of what they get by acting out.

This may not be the reason for all children to exhibit this kind of behavior. So, trying to figure out why your child is looking for attention is always a good starting point.

Ask yourself: Why is my child doing this?
It could be some external experience that is bothering the child.It could be your lack of attention to their needs because you are multitasking.

Or a multitude of other reasons.Trying to understand your child by observing him/her closely may give you a clue.
Please share your experiences and suggestions, if any in the comment section below.

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