Single Parenting – Case Study

//Single Parenting – Case Study

Single Parenting – Case Study


Sikha Sehgal is a single mother after her husband expired in a road accident. She is 29 years old and has a child who is 7 years old. Soon after her husband expired Sikha got very depressed and tried to commit suicide. The maternal grandparents were unable to handle the situation. The child was subject to verbal abuse and Sikha went through constant nagging about re-marriage. Since they were also unable to support their daughter and grandchild financially, they forcibly remarried Sikha hoping that she would find stability in her new marriage However, since Sikha was still mentally unsettled, and now had to deal with a new husband and a new household, she could not concentrate on the child’s welfare. In the process, the child was confused, shattered, and left without even one parent.

In a scenario as above, the grandparents should have stepped in to take care of their grandson without any abuse or blame till Sikha was physically and mentally healthy enough to take care of her child. Also, special counseling and help should have been given to Sikha so that she would be capable of handling her grief and sorrow and also focus on her newfound responsibilities. The forced marriage not only shattered Sikha but also her son. Hence her parents should have waited for her to recover and given her the choice of remarriage. In certain cases, the widow might not want another marriage. A single caring and good parent is better than a bad second parent.

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