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Do children of Single Parents lose out on life?

Undoubtedly parenthood is a huge responsibility, which gets doubled if you are a single parent. When the entire onus of child-rearing falls on one parent, the responsibilities, duties, pressures, and tensions increase double fold.
Experts suggest a few things to watch out for:-
The first few years when the child becomes a single-parent-child matter the most- as these years will form the norms of behavior and patterns of what to expect for the child. These years generally show that the kids have higher rates of antisocial behavior, aggression, anxiety, and school problems than children in two-parent families. Some of these may be due to a decrease in available resources and adult supervision. Hence explaining and talking to your child, in such a way that they understand what is happening is very important. Make sure that every hour you spend with your child is quality driven. Open discussions and a positive environment are very important.

The other areas to focus on are:
1. Your Attitude – So stay positive.
2. Consistency – In the value messages you give your kids.
3. Monitoring your child
4. Attention – be balanced
5. Anchoring
6. Decisions
7. Peer pressures and Anxiety
8. Giving yourself the importance
We will talk about these areas in subsequent posts.
If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to ask

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