When do i tell my child that she is adopted?

//When do i tell my child that she is adopted?

When do i tell my child that she is adopted?

when to tell your child they are adopted


A lot of our readers have come back with their own experiences about adoption and we are sharing one of those- it’s a heart-breaking story and we hope we can all gain from this experience.

My child is adopted and we did not tell her about this till a month before she was to be married and was to move-in with her new husband. When we told her, she broke down and sobbed uncontrollably for days. It became very difficult for the family to control the situation. What she told me after 4-5 days of emotional upheaval broke my heart. She said that she was going away from the home she had known all her life, to be a part of a new home, a new family. And that it would take her time to feel that her husband’s house was home to her. But learning about being adopted had made her feel that she didn’t even have any home even with us – because she was adopted. She felt alone and abandoned. Oh, my little girl. What had we done? In trying to protect her from emotional pain we had hidden this truth from her until now and had led to this traumatic situation.

We realized the big mistake we had made. We should have shared this truth much sooner so we could have handled it as a family. My suggestion to all fellow readers who may be in this situation- please share the truth with your adopted child as soon as they are of an age where they can handle it. Don’t wait, because sometimes it becomes too late, as it did for me.

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