Anger and Aggression – Case Study

//Anger and Aggression – Case Study

Anger and Aggression – Case Study

Anger and Aggression - Case Study

I am the mother of a 6-year-old boy and handling him would wear me out physically and emotionally. He would throw tantrums at everything. Toys, eating, going out, wearing clothes, and the list went on. I was at my wits’ end. When I set out to discover the reason, I realized that this behavior was especially reserved for me! My husband got better treatment as did my in-laws who stay with us. I thought and thought and couldn’t figure out the reason. Then one day a friend suggested that I take off from work for a week to spend time with my child. Little did I realize that staying at home was the answer to the problem. My son wanted my attention and he had figured out that if he threw tantrums at everything then I would spend long durations of time with him to resolve each problem. And he would get the attention he wanted. Thereon I moved to a Flexi-working arrangement for 1 year and gave my son time and attention till he stabilized. I have moved back to working full time and I make sure that I call him from work to ask how his day went, what were the best and worst parts of his day, and so on. That way he doesn’t miss me as much. I get home and spend time doing basic chores like bathing him and changing him and reading to him, and I realize that’s what he wanted more than going out to malls and the cinemas on weekends.

Sometimes big problems have simple solutions. We just need to look for them

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