Sleep-Case Study

//Sleep-Case Study

Sleep-Case Study


Kiran’s daughter, Sheeba is almost 5 years old and would wet her bed occasionally. Kiran would scream at Sheeba every morning when she would see an occurrence such as this. She then started embarrassing Sheeba by telling her friends that she still wets her bed, thinking that Sheeba would stop.

Kiran didn’t realize that what she was doing was wrong altogether. Embarrassing and shouting at the child didn’t solve anything. Bet wetting is not under the control of a 5-year-old. They need help to develop the right habits and patterns to stop wetting their beds. When we monitored the situation, we realized that Sheeba was having soup with her dinner every day. Naturally, her meal would end with a glass of water, and the mandatory glass of milk before bed. Dinner in the household was a late affair and Sheeba went to bed soon after she had eaten. Sheeba did use the toilet before going to bed, but her body couldn’t process and discard all liquids. The result-she went to bed with a lot of fluids in her body. In deep sleep, Sheeba didn’t realize that she needed to use the toilet and she wet her bed.

We asked Kiran to advance the dinner time, limit the intake of liquids to about 2 hours before bedtime and wake up the child 2-3 times at night to use the toilet if this routine was not enough. Most importantly we asked Kiran to change her attitude towards bed-wetting.

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